Backend Engineer

Job Description

At Treeverse, our mission is to simplify the lives of data engineers building data intensive applications. We’re looking for an experienced Backend Engineer to join our team and help us make using lakeFS even more powerful.


What you'll do

Build our product

We develop high end solutions to the technical challenges we face when working to fulfil our mission.  We work on everything from the backend of a distributed system that lives in the cloud, through the user interface of the product, all the way to analyzing the feedback from design partners and the market to build a product that fits our market. 

We use a wide spectrum of languages: a backend written in Go, plugins for data engineering written in Scala and in Java, a React GUI, cloud infrastructure.  Wherever it makes sense we use existing technologies, including OpenAPI, RocksDB, and Apache Spark.  And we also develop new technologies such as Graveler that differentiate our core platform.

Build our team

We are a trusted team.  It is our responsibility to ensure you and others on the team all feel safe and trusted to do their jobs.  This is a central value for us as the core developers of an open-source product.

Our job is to develop the system and also to maintain it in production, ensuring reliability, durability and performance so we can give our customers the best possible service.


An appetite for creatively solving big (data) problems.

About the company

Treeverse is a startup founded in Tel-Aviv by experienced entrepreneurs and backed by some of the most prestigious VCs in the ecosystem. We are on a mission to simplify the lives of data engineers, data scientists and analysts who are transforming the world with data. We are a team of passionate data enthusiasts who love all things open source and aim to find creative solutions to big problems. Our biggest asset is our culture, which is based on open-minded team work as our top priority.

If you’re an Open Source aficionado who is passionate about building powerful dev tools that will disrupt the world of Data & AI – you belong with us.

Treeverse is a global company that works in a hybrid mode, allowing work from anywhere you feel comfortable. We have physical offices in Tel-Aviv and Campbell, California.

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